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Whistling to Girls at Night

Whistling to Girls at Night

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Cold Car 2019-01-12 Walpole MA

Cold Car 2019-01-12 Walpole MA

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Shooting the Moon

Shooting the Moon

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Improv Intro/We All Want a Little More

Improv Intro/We All Want a Little More

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Hailing from Westwood Massachusetts, Ken started writing poetry in the later years of high school. In need of a suitable final project for his Humanities class Senior year, he compiled a Compositon Notebook full of poems the night before the grading deadline. Much to his surprise and bewilderment he received an A++.

Off he went, notebook after notebook filled.

Fast forward 18 turbulent months and good friend, Mike Hall, taught Ken the chord of G on guitar.

There the avalanche began.

Trying to focus on the positive, but never ignoring the reality, Ken stays honest and true to the emotion of a tune. He really does have a lot of fun playing for the smiles of it all.

He is also lucky enough to be in the band Cold Car.

Joined by Leah Lodato, Tim Ko and Clint Sours, they are a mostly acoustic group with a groove, a melody and a direction. They make it sound real.


"Ken Carter's whiskey soaked vocals and approach to melody and song structure feel like a muscle car sidewinding down a dirt road.

He has a keen sense of imagery and a depth yet not so mysterious that the listener is lost in vagueness."

-T. Kochanski of



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